Second Amendment Media

Mini – ‘Gun Rights Policy Conferences’ throughout the year  

Bringing 2A Activists, Gun Owners Rights Organizations & New & Established 2A Media Together

Each year we have many 2A gatherings, like the NRA Show, or SHOT Show as opportunities to bring Second Amendment Activists and 2A Organizations together with both “old” & “new media” to coordinate efforts and their audiences

We hope to eventually:

  • Obtain a room as close as possible to Second Amendment venues
  • Keep the rooms open & available for networking & meeting

Then invite members of;

  • Second Amendment Advocacy Groups
  • 2A Activists
  • Members of all Media (New & Old)

To Network and Coordinate their message in an environment that is:

  • Non-Partisan
  • Non-Sponsored
  • Independent and open to all
  • Open for all of SHOT Show
  • Close to the Show Floor

Our goal is to create a place where Second Amendment Media, 2A Activists & Organisations can meet and coordinate their audiences with existing efforts to defend the second amendment


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